Logbook Servicing

All vehicles require regular servicing and maintenance to ensure they perform as efficiently as possible. Routine servicing also avoids any major damage occurring to the vehicle, if damaged parts go unnoticed. Our team can perform logbook servicing for all makes and models, so that new car owners can maintain their new car warranty, while still getting to capitalise on our customer service. We perform minor and major vehicle servicing, as well as our logbook servicing. Not only do we repair and service cars, we can services buses, rentals and taxis. To find out more, or to arrange a booking, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Brake Repairs

Having underperforming brakes can make driving a dangerous experience. Over time your brake pads, rotors and other components will wear and your brakes may not perform as the factory intended them to. Our team of qualified mechanics use top quality braking components in all repairs, optimising the longevity and reliability of your brakes. If your brakes are squealing, your steering is shaking under braking, or your brakes feel underpowered, contact us today to discuss possible brake repairs for your vehicle.

Clutch and Transmission Repairs

Your vehicle's clutch and transmission are responsible for engaging and delivering the power produced by your engine to the wheels of the car.  Worn clutch components can result in decreased acceleration and fuel efficiency. At Envy Automotive, we can service transmissions as well as repair and replace clutch components. For an assessment of your clutch and transmission, or to arrange a quote on repair, contact us today.

E-Safety Checks

Envy Automotive are licensed to perform E-Safety Checks on vehicles of all makes and models. These checks are often performed before registration is renewed and ensure that the vehicle is safe for road use. Don't risk your safety or that of your passengers, have your E-Safety Checks performed by the qualified mechanics at Envy Automotive. To book your vehicle in, contact us.


Modern vehicles rely heavily on electronics throughout their design to monitor various components, and sense whether they're performing correctly. These systems can present faults that we can quickly and professionally diagnose using the latest scanning tools and equipment, so that repairs can be carried out in a timely manner. For all your diagnostic repair needs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Batteries and Auto Electrical

As well as the wide variety of mechanical repairs we offer, our skilled team can also perform auto electrical repairs. Whether its complex wiring issues, or installing a light globe, we've got you covered. Our mechanics can also supply and fit top quality batteries for all makes and models. For all your auto electrical needs, contact us.

Steering and Suspension

At Envy Automotive, we can repair and replace steering and suspension components on your vehicle professionally. These components are directly responsible for how your vehicle handles, and if they wear the handling can become unpredictable. We are also capable of professionally aligning your wheels, maximising fuel efficiency and ensuring even tyre wear. If your vehicle is in need of steering and suspension repairs, or you'd like an assessment of your vehicle, contact us today.